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Our team of SwimExperts conducted a thorough evaluation of the latest addition to our fin collection: the DMC Original Fins. Overall, we hold the fin in high regard and are enthusiastic about sharing our in-depth product insights with you.

The DMC Original fins serve as an excellent choice for those seeking a middle ground between beginner full-heel fins and more aggressive heel-out fins. Despite their seemingly wide appearance in the packaging, do not judge it by its cover! You can liken them to a flattened tube in terms of their profile. This flexibility is an advantage, as it provides variable sizing and an adaptable fit. 

The DMC Original Fins serve as an excellent intermediate option, bridging the gap before transitioning to higher-end fins. These fins boast a blade shape that closely resembles the DMC Elite Max or Arena Power Fin Pro, allowing them to capture more water than other short-blade fins. As a result, they make a great choice for competitive swimmers. Additionally, their lightweight and flexible design make them ideal for injury prevention, as they place minimal strain on the heels.

At Team Aquatic Supplies, you can find the DMC Original Fins available in both Blue and Pink. We suggest considering sizing one down from your regular foot size for the best fit.