Team Aquatic Supplies is a proud sponsor of high profile Canadian swimmers, swim clubs and swim associations across the country.

Since its inception, Team Aquatic Supplies has forged strong partnerships with swim clubs and associations across Canada. Combined with DB Perks and Associates, it continues to donate more than $50,000 a year to the following:

Masters Swimming Canada
Canadian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association
Swim BC
Vancouver Open Water Swim Association
BC Summer Swim Association
Swim Alberta
Swim Saskatchewan
Swim Ontario
Swim New Brunswick
Swim Nova Scotia
Swim Newfoundland


Our sponsorships provide incentive to the aquatics industry, enabling swimmers to reach their full potential and enhancing Canada's swim profile. In addition to being the main sponsors of most coaches' conferences, we are a key supporter of the Canadian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association and we travel to swim club events, setting up our swim meet booth, to provide for swimmer needs.

Recognizing swimmer excellence

Working with swim clubs and associations across the country, we have developed an eye for swimming excellence. More than 20 years ago we introduced the 'Team Aquatics Swim Scholarship' and have supported the following Canadian swimmers, who have been recognized on the world stage.

Ryan Cochrane (born Victoria, BC)

2013 World Aquatic Championships BRONZE, SILVER
2012 Olympic SILVER
2011 World Aquatics Championships SILVER, SILVER
2010 Commonwealth Games GOLD, GOLD
2009 World Aquatic Championships BRONZE, SILVER
2008 Olympic BRONZE

"As a sport, swimming is predominantly an individual commitment. Even so, to make it to the Olympic podium you need a great team behind you to ensure you are the best athlete you can possibly be every time you dive in the pool. Team Aquatic Supplies supported my road to the podium up to the Beijing games in 2008. They support many sports in Canada, and are an outstanding part of the swimming community's success as well as my own."
- Ryan Cochrane

Richard Weinberger (born Moose Jaw, SK)

2012 Olympic BRONZE
2010 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships BRONZE

Tera van Belien (born Mississauga, ON)

2012 Olympic competitor

"Shortly after I began swimming, I remember driving to Team Aquatic Supplies in Burlington with my mom to buy my swim suits and swimming gear. Now, 11 years later, I feel very honoured to be sponsored by them because they are such HUGE supporter of Swimming Canada, and passionately work towards helping athletes, like myself, reach their swimming goals. I am incredibly thankful for their support and their genuine effort to help all Canadian athletes be the best they can be!"
--Tara van Belien

Martha McCabe (born Toronto, ON)

2012 Olympic competitor
2011 World Swimming Championships BRONZE

"The support I receive from Team Aquatic Supplies (TAS) is unmatched by any other company not only through the top level equipment that I benefit from but also through the tireless efforts of the employees and staff to help me achieve the highest level of swimming I possibly can. TAS has helped me become an Olympic finalist and I will use their support moving forward towards future international meets."
- Martha McCabe

Rod Craig (born North Vancouver, BC)

2010 Swam the English Channel, 47 kilometers in 12 hours, 21 minutes and 44 seconds

Mike Mintenko (born Moose Jaw, SK)

2005 Pan Pacific Championships SILVER
2004 World Aquatic Championships SILVER
2002 Commonwealth Games SILVER, BRONZE, SILVER

"Every swimmer knows that no one can be successful without the help of others. There are few companies in Canada who fully support aquatics. Team Aquatic Supplies (TAS) has stood behind Canadian swimmers from the beginning. During my years on the Canadian National Team, TAS played a key role in supporting my dreams and helped me in my quest for excellence in the sport of swimming, but most importantly they treated me like family. I could not have accomplished my goals without the support of TAS."
--Mike Mintenko

Marianne Limpert (born Matagami, PQ)

2000 Olympic competitor
1996 Olympic SILVER
1992 Olympic competitor

Joanne Malar (born Hamilton, ON)

2003 Pan American Games GOLD
2000 Olympic competitor
1999 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships GOLD, GOLD
1999 Pan American Games GOLD & GOLD
1999 FINA Short Course World Championships SILVER, BRONZE
1996 Olympic competitor
1991 Pan American Games BRONZE, SILVER, SILVER
1995 Pan American Games BRONZE, GOLD, GOLD
1995 FINA Short Course World Championships GOLD, GOLD

"Team Aquatic Supplies has been a consistent leader in supporting swimming in Canada. It supported my Olympic dreams and now as a coach with my own children in swimming it is great to see their continued support in the growth of our sport." 
--Joanne Malar

Benoit Huot (born Longueuil, PQ)

2012 Paralympic BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD
2009 IPC Wolrd Championships SILVER, SILVER, SILVER