I can not log in to the Team Portal

  • Go HERE
  • Username is the club/team name that was provided to you by your equipment manager
  • Password should be a 3 letter - 3 number password also provided to you by your equipment manager. Password is case sensitive. 

Checkout isn't working, please help!

  • When you reach the checkout page, make sure to 'log out' of the team email ([teamname]@tas.com) and enter your personal email
  • By logging out of the team email, you are filling in your contact information so we can send you your order confirmation

When will my team order be ready?

  • Your order will be ready approx. 4 - 5 weeks after the team portal closes
  • In some cases, the closure date may be extended by the sales rep and the equipment manager to accommodate late orders

How do I track my team order? 

  • Team orders use a different reference number than regular web orders, they start with 'WP' rather than 'W' in our system
  • After 5 weeks have passed after the team portal closes, you can start checking Canada Post to see whether your order has shipped. Simply track using your order number that starts with W, but add a P after the W. (for example, order W00000 becomes WP00000)
  • If you chose store pick up, we will contact you when your order is at the store

Why do team orders take so long?

  • TAS needs to collect all the team member's orders before bulk embroidering and screening which is the most cost efficient way of customizing goods
  • Goods cannot be processed until we receive all orders

Can I return or exchange custom items?

  • No. These items have been specially customized and embroidered therefore they cannot be resold or exchanged

I received my custom order and noticed a mistake in my order

  • Please contact info@team-aquatic.com so we can help you right away