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Team Aquatic Supplies currently carries three Aqua Sphere wetsuits that are sold exclusively online: Pursuit 2.0, Racer 2.0, and Phantom 2.0.

Can I use Aqua Sphere's wetsuit for triathlon?

Aqua Sphere's wetsuits are also known as triathlete wetsuits, but they are not considered trisuits. Trisuits are meant to be worn throughout the entire triathlon event while wetsuits are specifically made for the swimming portion of a triathlon and stripped off during the first transition from water to land. A trisuit has no flotation, unlike wetsuits which are made of a very buoyant material called neoprene. Moreover, Wetsuits do not have the bike padding which trisuits have. In many cases, wetsuits are worn over trisuits. If your triathlon is in open water and it is predicted to be cold, we suggest using Aqua Sphere's wetsuit. The wetsuit will not only provide warmth, but it will also keep you afloat and allow you to swim faster. 

What is the difference between all three wetsuits?

The Pursuit 2.0 is our entry level wetsuit. Even though the Pursuit is the lowest out of the three, it is still a great wetsuit for even experienced swimmers. The reason for the price increase in the different models is due to the added extra features. The Racer 2.0 is considered our middle tier wet suit. It compares with the Pursuit 2.0 in that it is slightly more buoyant, it has thinner Bio-Stretch Zones for more flexibility, and a thicker core. The Phantom 2.0 is our top elite tier wetsuit. The wetsuit's density is the same as the Racer 2.0, except it has more buoyancy and a reversed zipper. The higher the tier level the more range of motion in certain areas, more stability around the core, and more buoyant the wetsuit.

Does a wetsuit really make a difference when swimming?

It certainly does! Wetsuits provide warmth and buoyancy making it easier to float and swim.

How long do wetsuits last?

If you take good care of them, then can last for years. Make sure they are being rinsed with non-salted water after very swim, and hang them up inside out to dry.

How do I know if it fits?

A wetsuit should fit like a glove. Once on, it should be smooth with no wrinkles. The arm sleeves should reach down to the wrists and the leg sleeves should reach down to just above or right on the ankle. When you make circular arm motions, make sure you don't feel too restricted.

Why do I always get chaffing on my neck when I swim with a wetsuit?

This is a very common problem. When you have the perfect fit, you may get away with no chaffing. We recommend using Body Glide for this problem.

I've tried on other wet suits and my arms always get exhausted, do you offer sleeveless wet suits?

Unfortunately, no, but we've had many customers with the same issues with their past wetsuits. Again, perfect fit is the key! If you have on the right size, you will never feel like your arms are restricted. These wetsuits are all the latest technology and are made with the swimmer in mind.