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Aquasphere Pursuit Wetsuit - the best entry-level wetsuit for triathletes

Aqua Sphere has consistently been making quality wetsuits for triathletes and open water swimmers. Their best entry level triathlon wetsuit is the Pursuit, which Team Aquatic Supplies retails at $275.The Pursuit is ideal for newcomers to open water, beginner triathletes, or used as a training wetsuit. It is the most budget-friendly option among Aqua Sphere's 2019 redesigned wetsuit collection. 

The Pursuit was designed for swimmers, offering great flexibility in the areas that matter. Aqua Sphere's bio-stretch zones are designed to follow the natural movement of a swimmer's shoulder, upper body, and core rotation while swimming. Snug in all the right areas and looser on the shoulders for full range. Hence, the Pursuit will feel comfortable and unrestricted. Thermo-Guard technology is incorporated in the neoprene to provide a good level of warmth in the shoulders, legs and chest areas. These wetsuits offer the swimmer warmth in the cooler water temperatures of lakes and oceans. This wetsuit has an Aqua-Flex Collar which is watertight and comfortable - no tight and itchy collar! It has two layers with an ultra-fine nan-skin design which minimizes neck chaffing. 

Overall, the Pursuit is a great budget-friendly wetsuit for triathletes and swimmers alike. It is warm, stretchy, and quick drying. One of its best features is its durable back-zipper which acts as a leash to remove the wetsuit quickly for quick transitions in a triathlon.