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The wait is finally over! We have restocked our shelves with Deck Parkas!

We do have some important information we recommend you read before purchasing.

These parkas are not the same as our previous TAS Parkas! They are BETTER!

These new TAS Parkas have a softer fleece inner-lining, a more modern style and fit, with fleece-lined pockets, double up and down zippers, a water-resistant shell, and front and back ventilation flaps!

We have sourced these parkas from a new supplier and the sizing will be slightly different than our old TAS parka models, so please read through this guide to help make sure you are purchasing the right size!!

Below is the size chart and information on how to measure.


Sleeve – Measured from the shoulder seam to wrist

Shoulder – Measured from shoulder seam to shoulder seem across back of shoudlers

Chest – Measured at widest point of chest, from side to side (not around) typically right underneath the armpit

Waist – Measured at middle of the parka