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In some parts of Canada, the weather is starting to warm up, which means the ocean and lakes are as well! This opens up opportunity for us to get in for some in water training! We have all been looking for ways to train, whether that be in your (or your friends) backyard pool or doing some dryland training at home with StretchCordz products. But now we can access the abundance of fresh water here in Canada and train outdoors! Get some much-needed sun and fresh air as well, it’s a win-win!  Though since we are in the Great White North, the water will still be a bit chilly for the next few months until later in the summer. Wetsuits are a great way to help keep you warm in those cold waters! We recently added some wetsuit products to our website as a way to help you all get in the water sooner, we’ve provided some info below on how to choose a wetsuit, what size you should buy, and how to put it on! We also get into some other things you should consider before open water swimming, as there are some safety aspects you definitely need to consider before heading out!


  • We recommend using a wetsuit when open water swimming for a couple of reasons. The first and obvious is to keep you warm while you swim and also as an extra safety precaution – wetsuits help swimmers stay more buoyant in the water.
  • At TAS we carry two styles of wetsuits, you can find size charts, pricing and more info on these two links
  • Just like a racesuit you want to be extra careful putting on your wetsuit, use gloves for your hands a plastic bag for your feet (good news is that wetsuits are easier to get on than racing suits!)
  • Here’s a few FAQs we have received about wetsuits
    • How do I take care of my wetsuit?
      • Make sure you rinse with regular tap water at the end of every swim and leave hanging to dry, inside out.
    • How durable are wetsuits
      • The wetsuits we carry are very high in quality and can last a few years! Just make sure you take care wash them after every use.
    • I’m concerned it’s too restricting while I swim
      • Both Arena and Aqua Sphere wetsuits are made for competitive swimmers in mind; the design is engineered to provide maximum range of motion in the shoulders through the swim stroke.  These are wetsuits meant to be worn for long distances, from our own experience and our customer’s experience this will not be an issue!
    • Will water get into my wetsuit while I swim
      • YES! This is what keeps you warm in the water.
      • Swim Bouy
  • We highly recommend swimming with an inflatable bouy for a few reasons:
    • The Swim Buoys are all very brightly coloured for added visibility and safety in the water.
    • oWith this bouy you can store a few items inside like your car keys and cell phone while you swim (for extra precaution put them in a zip-lock or waterproof bag inside the swim bag)
    • If you need a break or need to stop, the bouy can help keep you afloat – though this product is not a lifesaving device!
  • You can find the link here:


Swim Caps

  • Wearing a swim cap is very important while swimming in the open water, we recommend something bright! (Pink, orange, white, yellow etc)
    • If the water is too cold, you could also try swimming with two caps to keep your head warmer.
    • Also consider purchasing ear plugs to keep cold water from getting in your ear
      Other Equipment TAS recommends
    • Mirrored or tinted goggles – sunglasses for swimming! Definitely needed to help ensure you can see where you are going on those bright and sunny days.
    • Fins and Paddles, if you’re swimming in the open water you are likely to swim longer distances than in a regular pool so always consider having fins and paddles handy so you can vary your drills, strokes and speed.
    • The Arena pull-kick
    • What an easy way to alternate between pull and kick if you are swimming continuously for a long distance. Try swimming 30 strokes pull, and then 30 seconds kick and alternate.


Open Water Swimming Safety Considerations

  • Make sure the place you choose to swim is not a high traffic area for boats.
  • Always swim with a buddy
  • Share your workout plans with someone at home.
    • Where you are swimming
    • When you start and when you plan to finish
    • Be sure to text/call when you are done so they know you are safe
    • Swim close to the shore
    • Sight frequently to make sure you are not going off track
    • Make sure you are aware of any potential hazards in the area you choose to swim
      • Always wear a brightly coloured swim cap so you are visible to boats
      • Also so people on the shore can see you
    • Use a Swim Buoy
      • Added visibility and provides some floatation (again, not a lifesaving device, but can help preserve some energy).

We hope this has been helpful for anyone looking to try out open water swimming for the first time! As always, your Swim Experts are here to help you out, so if you have any questions or need help choosing a wetsuit give us a call or send us an email!

Calgary Office:1-800-661-7946
BC Office:1-800-234-4833

Happy swimming!