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Olympians work closely with coaches and are often looking for feedback, guidance and input to make sure they’re always moving forward. Having a supportive, positive and ‘high performance’ team culture can be a game changer when we’re faced with challenges or pushing towards a goal.

Given the many restrictions, and challenges we’ve faced over the last couple of years, working with others and building a supportive environment is especially important. Now more than ever we need the support of others and it can be helpful to have individuals we can reach out to when we’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck.

Consider scheduling times to reconnect with small groups of teammates, friends or classmates to discuss how everyone is feeling and share ideas around what you can do to help each other. Every person may need something different, so if you can chat about what could be helpful to each individual, then, as a group you can work together to create that supportive environment!

Strategies and Tactics

As many Olympians know, great results take time. Often, failures and obstacles are a frequent stop in an athlete’s journey to the Olympics, but when each individual has the support of a team behind them, is able to build off of feedback, and trusts each member; over time the work will pay off.

In a high functioning team:

  • Team roles and expectations are crystal clear
  • Each team member is valued for what they bring to the team - And each members’ successes should be celebrated
  • Team members needs are considered, and supported by other teammates as best as possible

Brainstorm ideas to come together as a team. Always ensure you’re inclusive of every team member!

Head to Head promotes mental resilience and physical wellness through Olympian led Youth Mentorship programs and swim clinics. Head to Head swim clinics are led by active and retired Olympic swimmers and each clinic is designed for youth between the ages of 10 and 17 yrs, from all levels of swimming (early competitive to national level). For more information visit or contact