Simon Fraser Aquatics

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Please use discount code SFU227 to receive your discount. 

The Arena Fins we recommend for both durability, comfort and power. This brand does not cause irritation, break, or fall off like other brands do. 

We recommend the TYR Catalyst paddles - medium for females and younger boys - Large for older boys.

For the Finger Paddles we would like everyone to get in addition to the full size hand paddles above. Same size for everyone, just choose your favourite colour! They are great for technique at the front of the stroke and feel for the water:

For Pull buoys it doesn’t really matter - except the one piece pull buoys are a lot easier to use:

For Kickboards it doesn’t really matter there's youth and adult sizes available. 

And a Mesh Bag to keep it all in. Swimming Canada covid rules require equipment to not be left at the pool but be brought home everyday: