TAS Team Portal Demo

Welcome to our Team Aquatic Supplies Team Portal Demo Page.  From here you will be able to see what your team portal could potentially look like. As you see below, we are able to add different sub-pages for each unique training group in your club where you can add specific products to each page for the different training requirements of each group - this can be your online group equipment list where the only the specific products you want for the group are shown on that group's page, and the products are right there ready for your members to purchase with just a couple clicks.  This takes all the guess work out for the parents on what products to buy for their swimmer! For our Team Portal Demo Page we have labelled our different "Training Groups" as Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the section below. You can click each logo to enter that group page.
New for 2019-2020 Season!
We are now able to offer custom team gear to your team's portal. Please see the "Custom Team Gear" page below! We can put all your team's apparel and equipment needs in a one-stop, convenient place for your parents!
Key benefits for your club:
  • - Your club will earn money-back on every sale done through your team portal!!
  • - TAS becomes your team's equipment manager, all ordering, payment, packaging, and shipping is done by TAS directly with the parent. No more chasing down parents to collect orders and payment. This will free up your staff to focus on other projects, and save your club money!

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