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Custom swim caps are available in a variety of styles: Latex, Silicone, Wrinkle Free Racing, Dome caps. Our pricing will include all set up fees and logos on both sides. Adding personalized names costs extra, and each name gets a minimum of 2 caps. Having 2 different logos on each side is also an extra charge.

Latex Caps:

Latex caps are made of a thin layer of latex. They are easy to order customized, are very stretchable, and are probably the most popular type of swim cap.

Latex swim caps can last a long time with proper care. They tend toward ripping if a swimmer leaves in a metal hair clip, has a metal part of a hair band, snags an earring, or has sharp fingernails and pokes one through the cap. Latex caps can still be in good condition after two years.

Latex caps are stretchy, so they fit most head sizes. They can "grab" long hair when being put on or removed, and having your hair pulled is not comfortable. Once a swimmer is experienced at donning a swim cap, this is usually not a big problem. Latex swim caps are nonporous, so if they are used in a warm environment they can increase a swimmer's body temperature. They trap a layer of warm water between the scalp and the cap, which insulates the swimmer's head from the cooling water of the swimming pool. One caution: Some swimmers have allergic reactions to latex.

Proper care for a latex cap is about the same as for other types of caps. Rinse in cool water, air dry, and store out of the sun in a place that won't get too hot (heat can break down latex into a sticky mess). Stuffing a small, dry towel inside the cap can help it dry better and prevent the inside surfaces from adhering to each other. Some swimmers powder their caps with talc or baby powder; while this gives the cap a longer life, it also makes a mess and keeps the cap from adhering to the head, so it tends to slip off more often.

These are the cheapest option: $

Silicone Caps:

Silicone caps are the top of the line. They are super-stretchy, hypoallergenic, and tend to be more durable than other types of caps.

Silicone caps will last a long, long time with proper care. Some caps can be used regularly for over three years. Like latex caps, silicone swim caps are subject to puncturing by sharp objects, but they are more puncture resistant than latex caps.

Swimmers like silicone caps. They are very conforming, but not in a tight, restrictive way, They don't pull hair the same way a latex cap can, and they are easier to put on.

Rinse, air dry, and store out of the sun, like any other type of swim cap. Putting a small towel inside can help the cap dry faster.

More expensive than latex caps: $$

Wrinkle Free Racing Caps:

They are also made of silicone, but are more seamless with less wrinkles - hence, better for competitions. The cost is similar to the silicone caps

Dome Caps:

Traditional latex or silicone caps typically create wrinkles on top of the head, which in turn creates drag. A dome cap eliminates this problem. This type of cap is 3D-molded or formed around the shape of a human head.


The most expensive option: $$$


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