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The DMC Fins newest edition to their line up is the Elite Max. This new fin has a similar design to their tried and true Kandy fin, but with one key difference - the Reverse V Rail (RVR) technology. 

This key feature separates this fin from the rest of the field as no other brand offers something like it! 

The super soft silicone used in the construction of the Elite Max is a crucial component of the RVR technology. 

The rail that runs the length of fins along the side is generally there to provide a bit of structure and rigidity to the short blade fins to help swimmers increase their strength and power. Those rails, like on the Kandy, are angled outwards to optimize water flow. 

However, the product design team at DMC Fins have revolutionized the rail to add some additional training benefits and directed the rails inward (see image below).

As we mentioned before, the super soft silicone is a key part of this technology and what ends up happening is as the swimmer kicks down and up, the rail actually flexes slightly and acts as a concave “bowl” shape structure to help catch a bit more water which provides swimmers with a bit more resistance to improve strength and power! 

Check out this video here to see a demonstration of this key feature:

In addition to the open-heel design and soft silicone material, the features all combine to make one of the best fins on the market for competitive swimmers! 

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