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DMC Fins are the original manufacturers of the tried and true open-heel silicone fin design that is popular on the market today! Their Elite Kandy fins were the first ones on the market to incorporate the silicone material, open heel design, and V Rail technology! 

The open-heel design is one of the most sought after features in a competitive fin for many coaches and swimmers alike. The open heel allows for a more natural ankle movement when compared to other styles of fins (such as the boot style design).  

DMC Fins’ V Rail technology runs the length of the fins on the side and provides a channel for efficient water displacement when kicking up and down. The V Rail also provides a bit more stiffness to the blade to increase power of the kick while simultaneously allowing the swimmer to keep the benefits of the short blade fin (increased kick speed and decreased fatigue). 

The asymmetric design allows stabilizes your ankle when kicking down during powerful kicks, which helps not only increase speed but it decreases fatigue and stress on the ankle joint. 

DMC has incorporated an off-centre drain chute in the boot to help your fins stay on during turns and push offs. 

These fins have one of the most trusted and popular designs on the market and many other brands have adopted a similar designed fin to their product line due to the amazing features and benefits of this fin!

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