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The Dolfin Lightstrike offers swimmers uncompromising fit and performance. One of the most unique and high tech racing suits on the market. With Dolfin’s Perfecta-Fit and Styku 3D body scanner, Dolfin was able to create the perfect sizing system for all athletes to ensure swimmers can find their best fitting racing suit with the Dolfin Lightstrike. The unique and exclusive micro-sizing fit will allow for complete customization for every swimmer - with variable fit options in the 3 key zones: Chest, Torso, and Hips/Legs.  Swimmers can choose from open/closed back, regular/long torso length, and tight/flex leg giving an unprecedented 6 fit options per size to make sure your racing suit is perfect for you!

The suit itself is also leading edge in terms of the technical features it provides, so not only will the suit fit your specific body type the best - it will also be one of our best performing suits.

The fabric is woven in an intricate design – while being aesthetically pleasing, it also serves to provide the suit with increased strength, durability, and compression qualities. Stormlight shell fabric and hyperlight lining gives this suit ones of the highest strength to weight ratio of any race suit fabric on the market.

The seam design on the suits provides targeted compression with their Variable Compression – with zones to provide more compression where you want it, and less compression where you don’t.


The Dolfin Lightstrike is has a very high amount of compression built into the suit in those targeted zones with the Core Power and Vibration Control taping. The Core Power taping is design to compress, control, and activate your major power centre - your core. The Vibration Control taping is 3D-molded to mimic your anatomy to reduce drag and control to provide maximum energy return.


This suit is perfect for those swimmers looking for the ultimate in technical features while still offering flexibility and lightweight fabric. Though do not underestimate the targeted compression zones, they do offer a very high amount of compression and give this suit a very snug fit. With the Core Power and Vibration Control taping - this suit will be VERY hard to get on, but once it is on it will feel like a second skin.


Swim Expert Tips:

  • Go down 1-2 sizes from your training suit size and fit preferences, but we do recommend most swimmers only size down 1 size from their training suit size.
  • Taller female swimmers (5’7” and up) should consider the long torso option.
  • The tight leg vs flex would depend on stroke and swimmer size/preference - breaststrokers and IMers should consider the flex leg.
  • Be Patient when putting this suit on and give yourself some extra time before your race - it will take a bit longer than other racing suits and will be quite hard to get on, but once on it will feel like a proper fitting suit.


Electrify your lane with Dolfin Lightstrike Racing Armor!