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Swim Experts Guide to Training Fins

Fins are an essential tool for developing swimmers and are a must have for anyone looking to improve their speed and technique. Fins also help to relieve stress on the shoulders and are a great aid in helping you find the ideal body position!


But with so many options available on the market, how do you know which fins are right for you?


Depending on your current swimming goals and areas of focus, one style may be more beneficial for you than another. There are two categories of training fins: short blade fins and long blade fins.


To help you figure out which fin may be best for you, we’ve summarized the key benefits of each and the differences between them!


Long Blade Fins


Long blade fins are a great option for those who are beginner or intermediate swimmers looking to focus on technique. Unlike short blade fins, long blade fins extend several inches past the toes. Because they cover more surface area, they create more water resistance which helps to activate leg muscles, elevate the legs and hips, and propel you through the water quicker. This allows swimmers to slow their strokes down to focus on specific aspects of their technique while still maintaining a high body position in the water.


Long fins have less range of motion when compared to short blade fins, so they are less likely to replicate a natural kicking style that is short and quick; instead, they create a longer, wider kick.


Long fins also help with improving posture and alignment, learning how to kick from your hips instead of your knees, and building ankle strength and flexibility.


Best for

  • Beginner and intermediate swimmers
  • Swimmers looking to improve stroke and kick technique
  • Develop key fundamental skills such as undulation and body positioning



  • Longer, wider kick
  • Buoyancy and propulsion
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • More water resistance and kick flexibility
  • Help teach you to kick from the hips instead of the knees
  • Muscle activation
  • Leg and hip elevation




TAS Colour-Keyed Fins


TAS colour-keyed fins are 100% rubber and are our best-selling long fin! The added surface area offers water resistance that helps activate muscles, raise the hips, and propels you quicker.


Finis Long Floating Fins 


The Finis Long Floating Fins are great starter fins for children. They can be used both for training and recreationally. The long blade provides buoyancy and propulsion, and the buoyancy helps with learning proper body alignment.


Short Blade Fins


Short blade fins are great for experienced swimmers who are wanting to build more speed and strength. They only extend a couple inches past the toes and encourage a wider range of swimming styles. Short blade fins are stiffer and less flexible on the foot which is designed to target different muscle groups and strokes.


Short blade fins allow for a faster kicking rate over a longer period and engage the muscles more quickly which helps to build strength. 

Short blade fins allow swimmers to mimic a natural race tempo with a normal stroke rate allowing swimmers to train at race pace - feel fast.  Short blade fins also add resistance and load, resulting in specific leg strength, flexibility, and endurance training.  Fins are also a great tool to relieve shoulder fatigue/stress, and can be a great aid in finding that ideal body position

The added propulsion, speed, and power make short fins a popular piece among swimmers and coaches.

There are two distinct styles of short blade fins that TAS carries – fins with a more traditional boot style design and fins that have an open-heel ankle strap design. 
The advantages of the open-heel ankle strap design are that they allow for greater range of motion and flexibility in the swimmer’s ankle which will enable the swimmer to kick more naturally with the fins on. The traditional boot style design does not offer quite the same flexibility, but does offer a bit more support and structure to the fins.


Because of the lack of flexibility in the heel and blade, short blade fins are less likely to stretch out and tend to have a longer lifespan when compared to long blade fins.


Best for:

  • Experienced swimmers
  • Swimmers who want to build more strength



  • Wider range of swimming styles
  • Targets different muscle groups and strokes
  • Engages muscles quicker
  • Increased speed – train at race pace
  • Faster kick rate over a shorter time
  • Builds strength
  • Longer lifespan




TAS Short Blade Fins 

TAS Short fins are rubber training fins that allow for powerful flutter kicks. They help to maintain proper stroke tempo with ideal propulsion through the water. They are essential for strengthening and speeding up your kick for a better overall performance.  They help with correcting technique and help build stroke-specific strength in the leg muscles.

Speedo Switchblade Fins

Speedo Switchblade fins are 100% rubber and allow for the uninterrupted natural flow of a flutter kick. The 10-degree blade angle provides maximum stability for a dramatic increase in kick cadence. The extended foot pocket helps the fin not cut into the foot and helps to alleviate cramping.

Arena Powerfin Pro Fins 

Arena Powerfin Pro fins are 100% silicone with superior comfort and reduced chance of blisters. With customized left and right feet, the open heels provide maximum flexibility. The inclined short blade ensures maximum forward thrust and a high frequency kick. The special notches on the bottom allows for faster kicks and the side rails offer better control.

TYR Crossblade 2.0 Fins

Engineered with an intermediate blade to promote increased tempo and speed through the legs when moving through the water, LFCROSS2 fins help swimmers to maintain the resistance necessary to build leg power and improve technique. With a 100% Natural Rubber construction and new thickened foot pockets, the Crossblade Fin 2.0 prevents athletes from feeling discomfort as they move. In addition to an innovative rounded edge design, each fin is also created with a universal, no-slip grip on the heel base.