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Team Aquatic Supplies is now offering two new tech suit styles from Dolfin Swimwear! The Dolfin Titanium and the Dolfin Lightstrike.

As these are new products to most Canadians, your Swim Experts at Team Aquatic Supplies are here to help guide you on the features and fit of these new race suits.

Dolfin Swimwear is a brand we’ve been offering for many years, and they are well known for their high-quality training suits that are built to last. However, more recently they have been investing and developing their technical fabrics and race products. These two suits are a result of years of research and development and offer technical features to meet the needs of all competitive swimmers!

We’ve put together this useful guide to help guide you to the correct suit and size!


Dolfin Lightstrike


The fabric is woven in an intricate design – while being aesthetically pleasing, it also serves to provide the suit with increased strength, durability, and compression qualities. Stormlight shell fabric and hyperlight lining gives this suit ones of the highest strength to weight ratio of any race suit fabric on the market.
The seam design on the suits provides targeted compression – with zones to provide more compression where you want it, and less compression where you don’t. This tech suit offers more flexibility and freedom of movement than the Dolfin Titanium counterpart.
So this suit would be perfect for those swimmers looking for the ultimate in technical features while still offering flexibility and lightweight fabric. Though do not underestimate the targeted compression zones, they do offer quite a bit of compression and give this suit a very snug fit.

This suit would be a great option for swimmers racing in all strokes and distances!

Downsize one size from training suit.

Please note, we only brought in the jammer style in regular waist and tight legs.

Dolfin Titanium


The Titanium is the second of Dolfin’s technical racing suits. With bonded seams, welded chassis, and Hydrolock Weave fabric – this suit provides the higher compression of the two racing suits.  The HydroLock Weave is a fabric exclusive to Dolfin which has 3D monofilaments woven into the fabric which provides incredible strength, durability, and compression to the fabric. With these features built into the entire suit, the compression it provides is consistent and even all around the body. The welded chassis and booster shield liner provide greater benefits to muscle performance, control, and fatigue and gives you that feeling that you are really compressed and locked into the suit.

This suit does take some care to put on as it is a thicker material geared towards high compression – and it might feel partway through putting the suit on that it’s too small – but once you actually get the suit on, it feels really good and snug. Just takes some extra time and care getting there.

For the female swimmers – the suit does fit a bit more narrow in the waist, similar to Arena.

Might be better suited to swimmers who swim freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly or any swimmer who prefers a locked-in high compressive race suit – breaststrokers and IMers  may prefer the increased flexibility and mobility of the Dolfin Lighstrike.

We recommend going one size down from your training suit.