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TAS 12 Month Challenge for February: Underwater Work!

Good underwater work can be one of the most critical skills that swimmer can develop to improve their times! Races are often won and lost because of this very skill. Our February Challenge for you is a 50m Timed Underwater Dolphin Kick with Fins!
We also encourage swimmers to set an underwater kick goal for themselves for the month of February! A certain number of dolphin kicks off every wall – whether that is every practice for the month, or just on specific sets during your practice. Whatever is best for you!


Contest Details:

Swimmers can submit a video of a 50m underwater dolphin kick for time. The start and stop of the stopwatch must be visible in the video. The entry can be done in a 25m or 50m pool. You are not limited in the number of entries you can submit, so if you feel you can do a faster time later in the month you can absolutely send us a new entry!

Contest entries must be submitted before 11:59:59 PM PST on February 28th.

The prize is a Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack!

Submit your video entry to or on social media by tagging us in the video!

There will be one male and one female winner – winners will be announced on social media after the contest closes and contacted by email or social media via the email/account they used to submit the video.