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Here at Team Aquatic Supplies we love all forms of aquatic exercise! Many of our customers are competitive swimmers, but for those who are not swimmers or those who are maybe looking to add something new to their exercise routine – try Aquatic Fitness!!
There are so many benefits to doing exercises in the water for people of all ages, abilities, and interests! It doesn’t always have to be swimming laps and we are here to share some reasons why you should add some aquatic exercise into your routine in 2022!

Aquatic Fitness can be done on your own or in classes at your local pool! Many municipalities offer aquatic fitness group classes which are led by qualified instructors, check your local pool for more information on what classes they may be offering. These classes can go by many names: aqua aerobics, waterobics, aquafitness, aquacise, etc. But most classes will involve exercises that you’d expect in a “dry” class but have the benefit of being in the water!

Exercising in the water has loads of benefits! Being in the water reduces the impacts of gravity on your body, which alleviates some of the stress that is put on your muscles and joints that is typical with land exercises (which is great if you experience joint issues or are doing rehab for an injury). The resistance of the water will also help build your strength when you move your body through the water!
You don’t need any special equipment to get started with aquatic fitness, just a swimsuit and access to a pool and you are all set to try your first class! However, there are also some tools that you can use to increase or decrease this resistance so you can make your aquafitness class as challenging as you like!

Here are a few tools that our Swim Experts at Team Aquatic Supplies recommends:

  • Aquafitness Belts:
    • These belts wrap around your waist and offer buoyancy to the swimmer! This allows swimmers to participate in deep water exercises without needing to focus on keeping your head above the water at all times. The belts come in varying sizes which correspond to the amount of buoyancy each provide. More buoyancy offers comfort and security to those who may not be as strong in the water or require a bit more floatation, while the belts with less buoyancy might be better for those who are looking for a bit more of a challenge or for swimmers who may not need as much buoyancy!
  • Resistance Gloves:
    • These gloves are designed to simulate webbed hands which add surface area to your hands which increases the resistance when you move your hand through the water! This extra resistance will help build strength in your arms and shoulders.
  • Hand Bars & Dumbbells
    • Contrary to the dumbbells you’d find at the gym, these dumbbells are very lightweight! This is because they add resistance through buoyancy! Aquafitness instructors have many creative exercises they use these dumbbells for and are a great addition for any person looking to add a bit of an extra challenge to their aquafitness classes!


Aquafitness is a challenging, low-impact form of exercise – and best of all, it’s fun!